How to Quiet Your Inner Critic

With a few steps, you can start to silence the little (or loud) voice inside your head that says, “you’re not enough”

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Yes! Silence My Inner Critic

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How to Quiet Your Inner Critic

…and start living with inner freedom and confidence

“More than any other facet of personality, the painful tendency to judge ourselves is our biggest barrier to deepening inner freedom.”

Martin Aylward, Author, Mindfulness Teacher

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Actions you can take today to overcome your inner critic, radically reduce personal suffering, and get out of your own way

How to stop chasing perfectionism and finally release self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and feeling “less than”

How to recognize when your inner critic is in charge (hint: it’s more than the voice in your head), so you can skillfully rid yourself of its reign

The key to working with your inner critic versus fighting against it (which is so exhausting!)

Why you constantly (and unhealthily) compare yourself to others and how to stop the vicious cycle of “comparisonitis”

Yes! Silence My Inner Critic

And so much more!

Like many of the wonderful people I work with, I climbed the corporate ladder thinking it was the only true measure of success. 

But instead, I achieved burnout, depression, anxiety, and addiction. 

Thanks to a series of twists and turns, I’ve spent the past 8 years studying and practicing mindfulness and meditation, specifically in the realm of Buddhist Psychology. 

Now, I help people find the freedom that comes from realizing we are not our thoughts, but instead, we are the thinker of our thoughts. As a result, we can choose to think and perceive things differently and experience life in radically different ways.

Ginny Gay, Certified Mindfulness Teacher

“Ginny is a gifted teacher.”

Elisa G, former student

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You'll instantly receive three 8-minute videos.