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Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Seem To Stick With A Meditation Practice —And How To Actually Build One That Lasts

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Ready to transform your meditation experience? 

Find what you can do about the 5 mistakes most people make that put an end to their practice so that you can avoid these pitfalls and become a person who sustains a meditation practice over the course of your life.

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At the age of 24, I was homeless, addicted to heroin, and facing a long jail sentence. It looked like my life was pretty much over. But, as it turns out, it wasn’t. I stand before you now, over 25 years later truly thriving in every part of my life.


I discovered powerful spiritual and behavioral principles that, when combined, allowed me to change my life drastically.

Mediation is the first practice I had to master. If I can do this with the challenges I faced, so can you. 

Learning how to put spiritual principles into sustainable daily practice is what saved my life.

Eric Zimmer

Behavior Coach

Spiritual Director

I am a behavior coach, certified interfaith spiritual director, author, and the host of The One You Feed Podcast. I’m endlessly inspired by the quest for a greater understanding of how our minds work and how to intentionally create the lives we want to live.

I have worked as a behavior coach for the past 20 years, coaching hundreds of people from around the world on how to make significant life changes and create habits that serve them well in achieving the goals they’ve set for themselves.

Who Is Eric Zimmer?

"I finally started meditating almost every day and it feels like a new habit has formed. I have been trying for so long and this class has made it feel more accessible."

Elissa, Spiritual Habits Group Program participant

"I am less depressed. I feel calmer and more grounded, and continue to work on these habits daily. I am a daily meditator now!"